Beast for Windows updated


I've updated the "beast for windows" Installer. The version thats available now
is 0.7.2-0.1.3. For end users, the main thing that has changed since
0.7.2-0.1.2 is that browsing included documentation or online links from the
menus now work. If for instance your standard browser is Firefox, Firefox will
be used to display these documents.

The installer is available here:

As for the development perspective, the build system changed a bit, since
beastbuild 0.1.3 does no longer use cvs but git for many purposes; however,
this also means that if you want to build beast on windows (as opposed to
just use it), msysgit is a new requirement. The gtk library used for
building beast was also updated to 2.18.5.

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld, Hamburg/Germany,

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