Fantasy III contest


The Fantasy Project is an annual challenge. Each artist who participates can
create his own song, as long as he uses the lyrics given below ("Jean Lucs
Poem") unchanged. All styles of music, such as classical, blues, rock,
metal, rap, dance, techno, house, ... are welcome.
The results of last year's challenge can be found here:
The following rules apply: 

* The artist agrees that his song is published under a Creative Commons 3.0,
  Non Commercial, Attribution, Non Modify license. We need this to publish the
  results online. 
* The artist needs to send an email with the subject containing the string
  "Fantasy III" to STONI [1] at least 7 days before the deadline, to indicate
  that he wants to participate. 
* The artist needs to send an email with links to a web page containing
  uncompressed version of the song before the deadline. 
* The deadline is the 31.3.2008, 11:59 pm, German time. 
  It is not allowed to sample from or copy melodies or other ideas from other
  material, unless it is obvious that the license permits so.
* Multiple artists (or bands) can submit a song together. 
* If you use a program such as BEAST for creating the song, which can store
  the whole song as a .bse file, you can submit this as well - make sure to
  fill out the license and author file. 

We'll try to rate and publish the songs as soon as we can after the
deadline is over. However, since we have not run this contest publically
before, we have no good estimate how many submissions we'll get. 

Jean Lucs Poem
Wer weiß, wohin des Schicksals Odem uns verweht.
Das weiß der weise Wind.
Keinen Ausweg ich find?.
Macht, Ruhm, Reichtum, Feinde, Freunde - alles vergeht.
Philosophen, Katastrophen - Neues entsteht.
Ich vertrau' dir nicht blind.
Sie hatten nicht nur von Luft und Liebe gelebt.
Unendliche Weiten.
Bis zur Antwort gleiten.
Nach Macht und Reichtum nur ist alle Welt bestrebt,
so wie ein Spieler bei einem Gewinn erbebt.
Zeitsprung vorbereiten.
Warum sitze ich hier und denk darüber nach?
Fehlschlag ist auch ein Sieg.
Die Folge nach dem Krieg.
Ich werd ihn nie verstehen, mir bleibt nur die Schmach.
Leidenschaft, Mitgefühl und Liebe liegen brach.
Durch Freiheit ewig flieg!

[1] STONI: STONI <Andreas_Steinhardt gmx de> 
[2] This text:

  Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld, Hamburg/Germany,

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