How to connect a midi keyboard?

i'm new to beast, and still a little bit overwhelmed by the possibilities, but 
it seems to offer very interesting possibilities.

But I already have problems connecting my midi-keyboard to the system. 
Normally I use jack to connect midi-keyboard to rosegarden/qsynth/amsynth or 
whatever im using, which works fine.. but it seems beast is not yet 

I tried to start the midi-test.bse, but it remains silent (pcm works, tested 
it with an oszilator). 
The Faq pointed me to another site ( The Linux MIDI-HOWTO ), which recommends 
using aconnect to connect softsynth and mididevices, but beast doesnt appear 
in aconnect, so i don't know how to connect.

Can you please give me some hints on how to connect midi-keyboard to beast?
Thanks in advance.

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