ANNOUNCE: Rapicorn v8.4.0

Rapicorn version 8.4.0 is available for download at:

Rapicorn is an experimental UI toolkit.
It aims at bringing UI-design, UI-notation and UI-programming as close
together as possible. To accomplish this, it provides conscise ways for
UI notation, usable also throughout design phases.
Simple but powerful programming mechanisms will be provided to automate
binding of programming and GUI logic and to minimize manual work.

The project is hosted at:

A mailing list is available at:

A tutorial, technical writings and more is provided at:

As an experimental toolkit, many design aspects of Rapicorn are
far from finalized. Feedback is very much appreciated, allthough
many things provided by mature toolkits, such as complex composite
widgets, thorough documentation and language bindings are still in
the works or have yet to be started.

Overview of changes in Rapicorn 8.4.0:

* Changed versioning scheme to YEAR.WEEK.REVISION.
* License update to GNU LGPL 2.1.
* Added a publically installed tool: rapidrun
* Support println() and close() commands in GUI files.
* Introduce simple Application and Window object APIs.
* Merged libbirnet into Rapicorn as librapicorncore.
* Implemented expose region merging/comprssion.
* Reiimplemented rectangle gradient shader.
* Switched to autogenerated ChangeLogs.
* Improved feedback on parser errors.
* Fixed Gtk+ version checks.
* Added PNG saving support.
* Removed PERL build dependency.
* Rewrote asyncronous main loops.
* Many improvements to text editing areas.
* Speed up blitting logic for local displays.
* Added SIMD optimized rendering functions for MMX CPUs.
* Fixed some reference counting issues and child removal.
* Improved vertical text ellipsization to line granularity.
* Removed error prone default values from property mechanism.
* Install tutorial under ${prefix}/doc/rapicornXXXX/tutorial/.
* Misc compiler and threading fixes, depend on g++-3.4.6.
* Lots of bug fixes, cleanups and improved test coverage.


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