moving to wiki documentation

hey All.

a few days ago, we decided to start moving Beast documentation out of SVN
into an online wiki at
now, everyone can register at that site and improve Beast documentation,
the Quickstart guide is the first document that got moved and can be
edited already:

around releases, the updated wiki pages are automatically downloaded
and integrated into beast tarballs. the infrastructure for this is
in SVN since Monday. in the upcoming days/weeks we'll be moving more
and more docs to the wiki (each document takes a bit since we need
to manually convert them from doxer -> mediawiki markup and adapt
the build rules in SVN).

so please feel free to help us and improve the documentation,
especially if you gained some experience wiht beast already.

commenting on the wiki pages is also possible now, so
people can criticize, amend and syncronize about page edits
without cluttering up contents.


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