Re: basic docs?

On Thu, 24 May 2007 db tvnet hu wrote:


I have just downloaded BEAST and played around a little bit but there are
basic things that are just not clear for me (like how to insert an
existing part into a track) and I could not really found any documentation
aimed at newcomers. Is there such a thing?

well, there's some documentaiton online:
in particular the quickstart guide or may be the FAQ are what you're
looking for:
those documents are also available from the Help/ menu btw.

since the developers don't really know about beginners problems with
beast, any input on things you weren't able to figure out would help.

writing a more extensive tutorial than the QuickStart guide has long
been on our TODO list, but so far nobody signed up for writing it
or helping to write it...
(i guess comming up with an index for a tutorial would be a good
start already)



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