Re: Linux Audio Conference 2007 impressions

On Mon, 26 Mar 2007, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:


Here is a short summary of my impressions from the Linux Audio
Conference 2007, which I attended. There were official talks, and
private conversations with other linux audio developers.

thanks for the wrapup!

Exchanging Ideas

Another point for code sharing could be the code that allows reading control
events from external devices, such as joysticks.

does Buzztard have some such code already (joysticks in partcular)?

Marc-Andre Lureau and I had some discussion on desktop audio.  As this list
isn't really the place to discuss this,

oh, i wouldn't mind if you extended on that a bit here ;)
or did you mean to post about that in another forum?

here are just a few questions (without
necessarily being complete):

* If Phonon suits the needs of KDE4, is there the need of something
  equivalent for Gnome?

suits it for what? gtk has python bindings already, but that's probably
not what you mean, or is it?

* How can everything "just work" out of the box, if you mix KDE4 and
* What form could a standard take?

a standard for what purpose?

  Cu... Stefan


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