Beast translation updates

Hello fellow Translators.

the .po files in the beast repository haven't been updated for many months,
due to beast being the first project test migrated to SVN last summer.

please try to update the internationalized strings in the next two weeks.
we recently updated a lot of the strings due to release polishing so now
is a good time for new updates. the svn URLs are:

	svn+ssh://$USER svn gnome org/svn/beast/trunk

please point out any spelling mistakes you find to beast gnome org or
via bugzilla:
and we'll do our best to fix them ASAP.

translations can also be submitted via email, for translators who do
not have commit access.

also, please update the .po files directly from the SVN version and do not
try to regenerate them with your own versions of intltool. this would
partially delete extracted i18n strings due to missing capabilities in
your intltool versions (our po/ needs gettext/scm-funcs intltool support).

thanks for all your effort.


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