Re: Tentative 0.7.2 Release Plan


Since the posting of the release plan, some time has passed, and I
thought I'd post a quick progress report. Some things will also be left
out, in order to reduce the time until 0.7.2.

On Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 12:48:15AM +0200, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:
> * Include sample based Drum Kits:
> We've built the necessary stuff for packaging sample based drum kits
> (where each midi note can be a different sample being replayed at a
> different volume) now. The plan right now is to have at least two or
> three prepackaged drumkits in the release, with one that should match
> the general midi layout as close as possible.

To shorten the waiting time until the release, probably only one drumkit
will get included (maintained by Tim).

> * Include bsewavetool:
> Bsewavetool is a command line program which can be used to create
> multisamples in the bsewave format. Its the program we'll use to package
> the drumkits. For the first time, 0.7.2 will provide this tool to end
> users, so they can easily build their own multisamples.

Most bsewavetool related work is finished now.

There are 4 bugs in bugzilla (see below), which cover the remaining
issues that need to be fixed before the release. All of these have
patches attached, which are currently being under discussion in the
review process.

After applying the last patch, the manual page will also have to be
completed, but the documentation is already there (bsewavetool --help).

> Besides these changes, beast needs
> * Bugfixing:

Since there are lots of bugs, I introduced a release milestone, and
those bugs that absolutely need to be fixed for the release are assigned
there. To search just for these bugs, the following query will work:

There are 6 bugs on the release milestone, 4 of which have patches and
are related to bsewavetool. Of course if some other non-release-critical
bugs can be fixed before the release, that would be good, too, but its
not necessary.

> * New Demos: Especially due to the new ability of using sample based
> drums (which should sound quite different than the synthetic drums we
> used so far), new demo songs or loops illustrating the possibilities
> would be interesting.
> * New Instruments/Effects: We always need instruments/effects to ship
> with the stock beast tarball.

If someone wants to help out with these, that would be great. To ensure
that the release is not delayed much longer, if no or little new content
is there by the time the other things are done, I don't plan to block
the release on new content.

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld, Hamburg/Germany,

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