complex number policy for beast

hi Stefan.

after the recent hassle we had with varying types of complex numbers:
- C++ complex numbers from <complex>
- C99 complex numbers from <complex.h> in C mode (including complex.h
  breaks for C++ sources)
- our own old comlex numbers GslComplex
- our own partially ported numbers BseComplex
- ellf/bsefilter-ellf.c own complex numbers EllfComplex

and the resulting confusion in source files about which complex types
and statements to use, i've decided that we'll follow this policy:

- <complex> and <complex.h> are never included in header files
  (this keeps our headers C++ and C conform)
- C sources *only* use BseComplex and assorted functions
- C++ source files can use BseComplex but may opt to include <complex>
  and use that. (they have to convert back-and-forth between std::complex
  and BseComplex for API though).

comitted as:

Sat Nov  4 17:38:28 2006  Tim Janik  <timj gtk org>

        * bsemath.h: don't include neither of the C++ <complex> or the C99
        <complex.h> header files. removed compat typedefs. we'll simply resort
        to using BseComplex in headers and use <complex> in C++ files.


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