Re: OFF-TOPIC: Can we have a Subject: with a [listname]?

On Mon, 22 May 2006, Frank Neumann wrote:

Hi list,

though I joined this list only recently, and though there hasn't been too
much mail traffic since then, I was wondering whether you can configure
your mailman to prefix each mail's subject through the list with an
identifier like [beast] so that it can be easily sorted by a mail filter
rule? Would be quite handy..

hi Frank.

this list (and mayn others hosted at has no "[beast]" or
other square bracket tags for a number of reasons:
- the tags tend to clutter up subject lines
- the tags are often inappropriate, especially with private replies and
- subject tags can not be used to reliably filter list messages
- reliable filtering can be achieved by mailman header rules.

that is, to reliably filter beast list messages, you can use
the following rule:

:0 H :
* ^X-BeenThere: beast gnome org

i.e. every email to the list has a
  X-BeenThere: beast gnome org
header line.



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