Problems running Beast with BseMidiDeviceOSS

Hello, and excuses for my bad english...

I've a problem when runnning beast on my computer, with Ubuntu Hoary
(debian based).

I've no hardware midi synthetiser on my soundcard, so i use Timitity as
"virtual midi synthetiser"

I'm just beginnig with beast.
When i want to hear the demo song, i got this message in a popup window:
failed to open midi device "BseMidiDeviceOSS::" (reverting to null
device): No such file, device or directory

I searched the web, but didn't find any answer anywhere!
If somebody can explain me what happenned, or where can i find
explanations about Bse Objets (how to get them, how to install them!!!)

I found BseMidiDeviceOSS on this page, but i don't understand what are
these objects, and how to use them.

Thanks for help!!!

An thanks for the developpers of this soft and all the beast community,
it seems to be exactly what i was searching for on Linux!!!

Best regards

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