Problems running Beast with BseMidiDeviceOSS

Hello, and excuses for my bad english...
> I've a problem when runnning beast on my computer, with Ubuntu Hoary
> (debian based).
> I've no hardware midi synthetiser on my soundcard, so i use Timitity as
> "virtual midi synthetiser"
> I'm just beginnig with beast.
> When i want to hear the demo song, i got this message in a popup window:
> failed to open midi device "BseMidiDeviceOSS::" (reverting to null
> device): No such file, device or directory
> I searched the web, but didn't find any answer anywhere!
> If somebody can explain me what happenned, or where can i find
> explanations about Bse Objets (how to get them, how to install them!!!)
> I found BseMidiDeviceOSS on this page, but i don't understand what are
> these objects, and how to use them.
> Thanks for help!!!
> An thanks for the developpers of this soft and all the beast community,
> it seems to be exactly what i was searching for on Linux!!!
> Best regards
> Luc

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