mime hurdles (Re: Modified .desktop for GNOME 2.8)

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, Michael Messmore wrote:

> >From what I understand the whole MIME system is being overhauled for 2.8
> to fit in with the new freedesktop.org standard:
> http://www.freedesktop.org/Standards/shared-mime-info-spec
> The changes (I believe all of them) are in recent 2.7 snapshots.  For
> now, update-mime-database has to be run manually after installing every
> application, but this should be dealt with in 2.8 packages by rpm, apt-
> get, emerge, whatever.

ok, thanks. that was one of the pieces in a big puzzle.

update-mime-database only works if the mime type is supplied in an
xml files, which beast installs now.
but then still, beast and bsesh aren't associated with the audio/x-bse
and audio/x-bsewave mime types, unless
  /usr/bin/beast or /usr/local/bin/beast
exist (so beast isn't searched for in the user's $PATH, but in /usr/bin/
and /usr/local/bin/ only).
that's pretty unfortunate if beast is installed under a "non-standard"

if everything goes under the same prefix though, mime type registration
and mime type specific handling (including the mp3 types supported by
libmad) works with recent CVS under the new system now.

> --mike


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