Re: svg and some ui ideas (was: Re: new icons [attached this time])

On mer, 2004-09-08 at 13:31 +0200, Tim Janik wrote:
> > I think widgets must be drawn programmatically, as they should not be
> > graphics intensive (also usability in mind).
> that doesn't give you the looks provided by most professional music
> applications though, for instance, take a look at the different skins in:
> apart from that, gtk+ doesn't even have:
> - knobs
> - dial widgets (beast comes with a pumped up version of the gtk tutorial one)
> using pixmaps doesn't need to decrease usability, that is, once you
> managed to keep functionality like resizing working despite using pixmaps.
> (of course, it's ok if you don't want to help out with this)

Pixmaps/vector graphics are ok for me as long as they're consistent (not
cluttering/overloading the ui)

> > What would be nice by the
> > way is the possibility to create per-module interface dialog. So the
> > ADSR can have vertical sliders, oscillator can have the knobs layed out
> > in a table, etc. I think it's impossible to construct such a gui
> > automatically in practice, so an ui constructor implementation is
> > required.
> beast already has such a GUI editor. it's just so experimental at the
> moment (the rack editor), that the code is currently disabled.
> > However, this could be simplified to the ground if the ui dialog code
> > would have an implementation of automatic binding of controls to
> > properties. So the code may look like this:
> >
> > void
> > construct_ui ()
> > {
> > }
> the rack editor is supposed to provide that, just GUI editable without
> the need to write code. that's because you will want to create such
> GUIs for entire networks, and musicians can't be bothered to write code
> for that.
I thought rack editor is supposed to create gui for a network, not an
individual module. Is it able to create a sophisicated gui for a module?

P.S. did you decide not accept patch for the file dialog?

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