Re: new icons (Re: Sample and Hold module)

On Mon, 6 Sep 2004, [iso-8859-5] °àâÕÜ ¿ÞßÞÒ wrote:

> > in case you haven't shutdown gimp yet: ;)
> > we still need icons for the mixer busses (important), the mixer (not as
> > important), the pattern editor (mildly important) and maybe a replacement
> > for parts and tracks (not urgent), i'm not sure the partial railroad track
> > i drew there conveys the idea of a track to everyone.
> >
> What do you mean by mixer busses here?

the busses contained in the mixer in CVS, i.e. the things you connect tracks
as input to, adjust the volume for, that display the db meters and that
you connect to master-1 as output, i.e. what you wrote about in your
last email ;)

> Anyway, I hope all the other icons are ok (attached).

ah cool, i'll add them to CVS in a bit.

> Also attached an
> update for russian locale (ru.po) and an initial translation for the
> esperanto locale (eo.po); Very enjoyable to use BEAST in eo indeed :)

huh? do you really intend to maintain an esperanto translation?

> Is this ok to send contributions to the list or should I have used
> bugzilla instead? --Artem

there's no bugzilla account for beast yet, so this is ok.


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