Re: The help menu

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:

>    Hi!
> The help menu could be improved a bit, I think. My suggestion for how it
> should look like, would be:
> Index
> ---------
> Release Notes
> Quick Start
> Development -> Overview
>                Writing Plugins
>                GSL Engine
>                3rd Party TODO
> ----------
> About
> Here, the "Index" (which can currently only be reached indirectly) can be
> accessed from the documentation menu.
> The "Development" menu doesn't contain one (for a new developer rather
> confusing) text, but offers a clean introduction first, which tells him
> about the general architecture (SFI, SFIDL, BEAST, BSE, GXK, Scheme, GSL,
> Engine, ...). It offers advice on writing plugins.
> And finally it offers something which the developer actually can do (3rd Party
> TODO).
> Of course, the "Overview", "Writing Plugins" and "3rd Party TODO" don't exist
> right now, but I think they should.

i'm currently working on "Writing Plugins", and for the 3rd party todo,
which still needs to be written out more clearly, i've so far collected:

o writing script extensions
o writing C++ plugins
o porting existing plugins to .idl + .cc
o extending rack editor
o need icon graphics
o need rack editor graphics
* port arts plugins to beast
- draw new/missing icons
- create more demo songs
- supply new instruments (effect networks)
? write port-audio driver
- need a scheme script for automated .wav or .ogg file generation from .bse files
- create wave-output test-suite framework (compare generated samples)

so, those items are basically in the works. except for the
"development overview". however, my i18n email:

gives a rough outline which could serve as a guidline for
"development overview". do you volounteer for writing it? ;)

>    Cu... Stefan


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