The help menu


The help menu could be improved a bit, I think. My suggestion for how it
should look like, would be:

Release Notes
Quick Start
Development -> Overview
               Writing Plugins
               GSL Engine
               3rd Party TODO

Here, the "Index" (which can currently only be reached indirectly) can be
accessed from the documentation menu.

The "Development" menu doesn't contain one (for a new developer rather
confusing) text, but offers a clean introduction first, which tells him
about the general architecture (SFI, SFIDL, BEAST, BSE, GXK, Scheme, GSL,
Engine, ...). It offers advice on writing plugins.

And finally it offers something which the developer actually can do (3rd Party

Of course, the "Overview", "Writing Plugins" and "3rd Party TODO" don't exist 
right now, but I think they should.

   Cu... Stefan
  -* Stefan Westerfeld, (PGP!), Hamburg/Germany
     KDE Developer, project infos at *-         

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