Documentation request - realtime abilities and how to use them

When using beast i encounter  sometimes light cliocks and things, especially
when i do thinks in Gnome in between, so it looks like a performance
problem, which don't believe I have, because I have a processor that is pretty much
fast enough (AMD Athlon 2400+ or something).

I believe what i must do is using Beast's realtime capabilities, which I
don't know how this can be done. I just think, from reading docs of other pieces
of software, i must do some things with my Linux Kernel, but i didn't figure
out exactly how and what to do, mainly because i didn't have the time to
find the information needed.

Therefore i have two questions:

1) Does anybody has an easy to understand ans short documentation on how
getting beast to run with realtime features enabled
2) could we place that on the website, so other users get that info easily,


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