Beast feature analysis

Hello all Beast users, :)
As yopu might have read on the list, we ware in the process of analyzing
actual features to develop more detailed usecases to see how users get their
things accomplished with current and requested features.

I would like to call you for participation to send some more UsesCases
or add them in the wiki.

Iif you have the time, please see the pages - for actual things Beast can
do today - for features people wish
Beast to have in the future - for more detailed descriptions
how working with the 

If you just want to help us with as little effort as possible, just mail me
your ideas 
of what you know beast can do(well/not so well), or what you want it to do
or to be, either in form
of a single word like "beatbox" or in a more detailed sentence telling how
you'd like
to work with beast, like "I'd like beast to play drum samples by loading a
sample and clicking button x".

Thanks in Advance,


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