Re: Sample and Hold module

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, [koi8-r] áÒÔÅÍ ðÏÐÏ× wrote:

> Hello all,
> I've recently tried to implement a s&h module for beast as described at


another description for a S&H module is here:

> I've
> attached an initial implementation and a (generative) test file (loads
> too long).

yeah, it'll still take a while until i get around to do
profiling on file loading...

> To install (and test), run make, then put to
> ~/beast/plugins and add this plugin path in preferences.

>                // required because otherwise the bse-plugin-generator generated thing doesn't compile
>                property Int aninteger;

i came across the same problem, so this has been fixed some while ago in CVS
and i removed the integer from your plugin.

> Suggestions
> welcome --Artem

i've added this to the beast CVS now, so it'll ship with the next release.
however, i had to change its namespace, so for the bse files you have which
are already using a BseSampleAndHold module, you will need to do a search
and replacement job to BseContribSampleAndHold.

it'd be good if someone could provide an icon for this module (64x64 pixels,
using transparent background), as displaying big questionmarks at the GUI
isn't very helpfull ;)


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