Re: beast/ja.po

Thanks for your quick response!

I don't have commit access yet but I'll get it if it's needed.
About a reminder, I already joined in beast's mailing list,
so it's not needed I guess.

- SATOH, Satoru <ss _at_>

Tim Janik wrote:
On Sat, 28 Aug 2004, SATOH Satoru wrote:


I've translated and created ja.po for Beast.
Could you please commit them? (0.6.2)

(CVS HEAD; 2004-08-28 21:29 JST)

do you have CVS comit access, so you can update future versions
on your own?
also, do you want to get a reminder about pending translation
updates shortly before releases?

SATOH, Satoru <ss _at_>


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