Re: beast crux-linux port available

I've got it, 

there's really no bic magic on getting beast running on crux 1.3.1 -
everything needed is available via the ports
system,  just except beast.

these are the steps:

- install perl xmlparser module
	- export FTP_PASSIVE=true
	- cpan 
	- update index
	- install XML::Parser
- cd /usr/ports/contrib/guile
- pkgmk -d -i
- cd /usr/ports/opt/gtk2
- pkgmk -d -i
- cd ../pango
- pkgmk -d -i
- cd /usr/ports/contrib/librt_lgpl
- pkgmk -d -i
- cd ../libxml
- pkgmk -d -i
- cd ../libglade
- pkgmk -d -i
- pkgadd libglade#2.0.1-2.pkg.tar.gz
- cd /usr/ports/contrib/libgnomecanvas
- pkgmk -d -i

after that one should be able to compile and install beast form source, the
only problem is really the disk space
when on a small old machine as my kitchen laptop is...

I'll see if i can get a crux port done for beast...


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