Re: beast crux-linux port available


> I'm not sure if it would work  -- I'm just saying its technically
> possible.  Since you're using Linux, it would be preferable to build it
> scratch, but that might be difficult.  If want to use pkgsrc, there is a
faq on
> installing it on Slackware Linux:
> That said, I'm not sure if it would be of much help to you, but it
> probably would work on Crux Linux as well since it is similar.

hmm, ok, i am already on the way installing it from scratch, it seems easier
than trying to get the NETBSD Ports system running on crux - simply because
they have something with the same name doesn't mean it will be easy at all,
and i wanna make music, not ports(ok, a beast port for crux maybe when i know
how it works)... "handling" dependencies by hand isn't the biggest problem
with it,
worse is i do it on my 233 MHZ 96MB RAM Laptop ( yes, I already saw beast
running there on morphix)  with 2 GB Hardisk.

i gonna send the detailed steps if I'm done... 


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