Re: Bug#210623: more manpages

On Sun, 21 Sep 2003, Alper Ersoy wrote:

> Tim Janik:
> > hm, there's not much to see there.
> Not much?  Compare cont-eni.pdf - cont-enp.pdf to groff's PS output.
> Top quality.  Metafun manual is also worth seeing (metafun-s.pdf).
> Those are all created with ConTeXt.

i don't quite understand what you mean to use context for anyway,
we have manual page, html and markup generation already which are
our primary targets. so what's context going to change here?

> > for one, they provide only pdf files, and then
> > i've not found a source link or packages for
> > context in public distros to evaluate.
> I guess it's in teTeX.  If you have a recent version of teTeX, you
> should already have it.

i got tetex-bin tetex-base and tetex-extra and it doesn't look
like there's a context file in there.

> Later,
> --
> Alper Ersoy


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