Re: virtual keyboard


> [...]
> hm, yeah. we prolly need something like a virtual keyboard
> on screen that you can use if you don't have a real
> MIDI keyboard.
> i know there's one such thing for ALSA, anyone knows
> of a virtual on-screen keyboard that's properly maintained
> without an ALSA-dependancy?

Do you mean the vkeybd?
afaik it's not alsa-dependant. it's mainly made top control an awe32
Soundcard's midi synth, but you can run it to control alsa midi-synth's as well as
oss-midi-synth's. At least, this is waht the docs say.
I played yround with it fopr some times now, and didn't get it to get some
some sound out of any midi device, neither my soundcards midi, nor any
software synth may it be oss ot alsa.

_if_ it would work, and I mean easily for any user, without hours of trying
and failing, and well documented, it could very well be used for beast, i

I don't know of any other virtual keyboard independant from some midi
program, even if I'm looking for something, too.


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