virtual keyboard

On Sun, 17 Aug 2003, Daniel MacDonald wrote:

> It's got to be said that the only reason that I can't
> totally reccommend Linux or any other open source OS
> to many of my friends is because there aren't really
> any good (i.e powerful AND easy to use) open source
> electronic music production programs available, EXCEPT
> for the BEAST of course, but the Bedevilled one still
> has a fairly long way to go before I can recommend my
> friends dump Fruity Loops and Reason.
> A couple of questions about 0.5.4 first:
> Am I missing something or can you not get a constant,
> real-time preview of the sound a custom synth is
> making without switching to the song tab and pushing
> play, after of course having layed down a track and
> part using that synth? If not I'd say this is an
> important feature that needs to be added as it can
> take ages to get the sound you want doing it like
> that.

hm, yeah. we prolly need something like a virtual keyboard
on screen that you can use if you don't have a real
MIDI keyboard.

i know there's one such thing for ALSA, anyone knows
of a virtual on-screen keyboard that's properly maintained
without an ALSA-dependancy?

(if not, beast will have to ship it's own, and that's something
i'd rather not spend hacking time on currently)



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