translating beast (Re: Please translate beast and bse)

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Christian Neumair wrote:

> The following message has reached me today, so please start translating
> beast. I already added it to the status pages, they should show up next
> time the pages are updated (bse/beast on extras page).
> regs,
>  Chris

hi all,

i'm very pleased with the amount of translation efforts beast has been
subject to so far.

however there's one issue that keeps popping up. that's missing .po files
in po-bse/. the beast module currently has a po/ directory for the GUI a
po-bse/ directory for the synthesis core and will get a po-plugins/ directory
in the next few months.

unfortunately, many translators are not looking at po-* directories and thus:
- miss out additional things that need translating
- add their language to ALL_LINGUAS in and by that cause builds
  to break if their language .po file is missing from po-* directories.

so for one, i'd like to remind every translator that beast has a po-bse/
directory, but for another i'd like to raise the question whether there's
anything package maintainers can do to remind translators of the existence
of additional po-*/ dirs automatically.


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