Re: Please translate beast and bse (was: de translation(beast-0.5.5-rc3.tar.gz)

ons 2003-10-15 klockan 17.50 skrev Christian Neumair:
> The following message has reached me today, so please start translating
> beast. I already added it to the status pages, they should show up next
> time the pages are updated (bse/beast on extras page).


> > TRANSLATORS: Beast contains mostly empty de.po files, it'd be cool
> > if those could be filled in the next few days (about 200 messages
> > to be translated), so 0.5.5 could ship with a decent initial
> > translation for german already. Of course other translations are
> > also apprechiated if people are willing to start out on them.
> > 
> > 
> > Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.5.5:
> > * Added i18n infrastrukture for BEAST and BSE [Christian Neumair, Tim Janik]

Awesome! A big thanks to all who enabled localization in beast!


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