Hello everyone.

There's a new release candidate tarball of the upcoming
0.5.5 release at
The full URL is:

We would apprechiate if people test compiled and test ran this candidate.
Try playing the *.bse files from test/ with beast and try running
$ bsesh myfile.bse
which should automatically start playback in console mode.
Please report any problems you encounter to

As usual, here's the list of required dependencies
to get the tarball running:

GnomeCanvas (GNOME-2.0):
Ogg/Vorbis (at least version 1.0):
MAD (BSE was developed against libmad-0.14.2):

TRANSLATORS: Beast contains mostly empty de.po files, it'd be cool
if those could be filled in the next few days (about 200 messages
to be translated), so 0.5.5 could ship with a decent initial
translation for german already. Of course other translations are
also apprechiated if people are willing to start out on them.

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.5.5:

* New (or ported) modules:
  DavCanyonDelay - Canyon Echo by David A. Bartold
  BseMidiInput   - Monophonic MIDI Keyboard input module
  BseBalance     - Stereo panorama position module
* Implemented ability to use sequencer as modulation source
* Added support for external MIDI events in song tracks
* Added .bse file playback facility to bsesh
* Added support for C++ Plugins
* Now installs bse-plugin-generator for simple creation of C++ Modules
* Added manual pages for installed executables
* Lots of small MIDI handling fixes
* Fixed MP3 loader
* Major GUI improvements
* Added prototype support to IDL compiler [Stefan Westerfeld]
* Work around PTH poll() bug on NetBSD [Ben Collver, Tim Janik]
* Support NetBSD sound device names [Ben Collver]
* Added i18n infrastrukture for BEAST and BSE [Christian Neumair, Tim Janik]
* Made search paths for various resources user configurable
* First German translation efforts
* Lots of bug fixes


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