Re: gettext and bugzilla for beast

sön 2003-10-05 klockan 01.50 skrev Tim Janik:
> > Are there any plans for enabling gettext/intltool support in beast?
> hm, in principle yes. we're not actively developing on gettext
> integration currently, because the TODO is full of other stuff,
> and because no one attempted to translate beast yet.

I see a catch-22 here :-)
Most likely noone has been interested because the effort of
gettextifying beast now, when it has grown into a very large codebase,
is a substantial entry barrier. And the vast majority of translators
interested in translating are very likely to not know how to gettextify
an application to begin with.
So I'm a strong believer in enabling gettext support early on in the
development process when a small codebase should make it much simpler.

That being said, Christian Neumair (Manny) expressed some interest in
gettextifying beast. Manny?

> so basically, it takes someone willing to put some time and
> energy into a translation for gettextization to really emerge.

Well, the translations can't come until the application supports
gettext. Translators aren't likely to copy/paste each of the hundreds of
messages out of the source by hand and create their own pot and po files
manually that way. ;-)

> > Are there any plans for having a beast bugzilla product in
> >, for that matter?
> well, beast is supposed to use a bugtracker at least theoretically.
> i personally don't like very much, because
> it doesn't have a usable email interface (and i'm not
> fond of using webinterfaces for bug trackers).
> due to that, i'm notoriously bad at handling glib/gtk+ bugs in the
> bugtracker, and i don't want things to become as bad for beast
> as well.
> so basically, i've been looking for a bug tracker like debian's
> where beast's bugs could be administrated, and been talking to
> admins to get it working with a decent email
> interface, none of which was very fruitfull yet though.

Fair enough. I was just wondering where I should send beast bug reports
knowing they wouldn't get lost or forgotten.


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