Re: gettext and bugzilla for beast

On 4 Oct 2003, Christian Rose wrote:

> Are there any plans for enabling gettext/intltool support in beast?

hm, in principle yes. we're not actively developing on gettext
integration currently, because the TODO is full of other stuff,
and because no one attempted to translate beast yet.
so basically, it takes someone willing to put some time and
energy into a translation for gettextization to really emerge.

> Are there any plans for having a beast bugzilla product in
>, for that matter?

well, beast is supposed to use a bugtracker at least theoretically.

i personally don't like very much, because
it doesn't have a usable email interface (and i'm not
fond of using webinterfaces for bug trackers).
due to that, i'm notoriously bad at handling glib/gtk+ bugs in the
bugtracker, and i don't want things to become as bad for beast
as well.
so basically, i've been looking for a bug tracker like debian's
where beast's bugs could be administrated, and been talking to admins to get it working with a decent email
interface, none of which was very fruitfull yet though.

> Christian


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