Re: BEAST in the Rosegarden??

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Daniel MacDonald wrote:

> I know that BEAST uses the GTK toolkit and Rosegarden
> Qt, but I was just wondering if it might be possible
> for BEAST to 'borrow' Rosegardens already powerful
> pianoroll and score editors?

probably not, as the pino roll in beast is pretty ok (velocity
editing is planned for the next release ;) and score editing
is somewhat beond the scope of beast.
for that matter however, i'd like to implement export filters
at some point so rosegarden can render beast notes in its score

> Or would it be easier for
> the Rosegarden guys to integrate BSE and all the
> modular synth stuff from BEAST into their app?

pretty much yes. either in-process or maybe even
out of process by means of either using the gluelayer
API around BSE (the synthesis core) or by exchaning
MIDI events.
BSE was designed with allowing for that kind of
interoperability in mind. it's mostly a matter of
getting the rosegarden people into the boat and
someone to tackle the actual integration work.

stefan might be interested in looking into that...

> Then again, I presume this is all pretty tricky stuff
> to pull off or else it would've been done already eh?

not really, rosegarden had a couple major revamps during
its development time, as had beast. might be that the
time has come to seriously look into these kind of
integration issues though ;)

> dan


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