[banter-list] [PATCH] Attempt at getting Banter to use the new msbuild projects

Monodevelop is switching over to msbuild format instead of the mdp/mds
setup.  I've attempted to convert Banter to use these
instead but this is my first attempt at using autotools/automake, so
I'm going to need some tips/pointers on what I screwed up.

Right now if you make run you get the error:

[mono] ~/code/oss/new-banter-2 @ make run
cd Banter && ./banter
[Debug]: Banter::Application::Init - called
resource must be a valid resource name of 'assembly'.
make: *** [run] Error 255

I'm not quite sure what I broke there, but any tips would be appreciated.

I've attached the patch.

Attachment: patch-get-banter-compiling
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