Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee Crashing on gstreamer detect BPM

On 16/05/2013 04:04, Kevin Anthony wrote:
Chow, where can I find that patch?

Is gstreamer 1.0 on the slate for 3.0?

I don't have a clue.

dnielsen/knocte, don't you have anything to say about this? Both of you seem to
be somewhat informed about the situation with Gst(#)1.0, yet every time I bring
up the issue, the both of you just stfu and disappear. Very nice.

The patch in the bug report has been sitting there since last year, and there
isn't so much as even a reply on the bug report saying if you'll accept or
reject it, let alone why.

Kind regards,
Loong Jin

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