Re: [Banshee-List] error when building dependencies for Banshee thru Git [mac osx]

2012/3/7 littlewing <chris discoearth com>:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm trying to pull a copy of the Banshee code onto my Mac OS X Snow Leopard
> 10.6.8. I set up my Git account, went to
> and pulled up the directions for
> Mac. I went to Terminal and entered ./ -bv and the terminal started
> grabbing a bunch of stuff and then I got to this:
> Building pixman on i386-apple-darwin10.8.0 (2 CPU)
>    + using cached source:
> /Users/christophergovella/.ssh/bockbuild/profiles/banshee/build-root/pixman-0.21.6/pixman-0.21.6.tar.gz
> ==> Preping pixman
>    + tar xf
> "/Users/christophergovella/.ssh/bockbuild/profiles/banshee/build-root/pixman-0.21.6/pixman-0.21.6.tar.gz"
> tar: Unrecognized archive format: Inappropriate file type or format
> tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.
> ERROR: command exited with exit code 256: tar xf
> "/Users/christophergovella/.ssh/bockbuild/profiles/banshee/build-root/pixman-0.21.6/pixman-0.21.6.tar.gz"

Typically this means that the tarball download failed. try removing
the pixman directory in buildroot. Also my github instance for
building Banshee on OS X has not been updated in a while, I will get
to updating it sometime next week.


> If anyone else is able to get the dependencies through this manner for Mac
> OSX I'd appreciate some help. Thank you,
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