Re: [Banshee-List] A song and dance about GSoC 2012

On 7 February 2012 01:08, gnomeuser gmail com <gnomeuser gmail com> wrote:
> This years Google Summer of Code is about to start so I figured I
> would start the traditional thread to throw around ideas for projects.
> Banshee community newcomer Udesh has expressed an interest in doing
> voice controls for Banshee under GSoC, as this is also work that
> relates to his thesis. I feel it would be an important accessibility
> enhancement as well as adding much desirable bling to Banshee. He did
> GSoC last year for a different project but this still means he is well
> aware of the challenges and he has started contributing to Banshee
> recently.

I like the idea and willing to mentor a student working on it.

> I also have a couple of potentially interesting ideas
> Porting relevant parts of the Banshee interface to XWT.
> Banshee Community Extensions on Mac + Windows
> BCE has a lot of famed and important functionality that is currently
> only available to Linux users. It would be nice to have some work put
> into making it easy to build and distribute Banshee and BCE on all
> platforms
> Hardware support on OS X + Windows
> Likewise we only have hardware support on Windows, it would be great
> if we could offer the same coverage on all our supported platforms.
> Giving Booter the boot
> sqlite3 shared/concurrent writes
> * allow multiple processes
> * get rid of Booter
> *
> Have all been on the wishlist for ages, it might be a good project for
> the SQLite savy student.
> Finishing C removal
> Including binding of the needed packages such as webkit, porting
> Banshee to use these new bindings, updating unit tests. Biggest part
> might be porting the BCE fingerprinter C#.
> Taglib-Sharp, find suitable distributable test files for all formats,
> enhance coverage, port Banshee's cd import to use taglib#

Ditto, taglib-sharp needs more love.

> Next generation UX
> Potentially based on the MeeGo player (needs UX for Video, Podcasts
> and Audiobooks). I have promises from Ian Hex (who did the Novacut
> identity branding and is doing Elementary OS branding right now) to
> work on creating mockups for this. However making them reality would
> be fantastic and hopefully a suitable student will be able to take
> this on.
> see also for inspiration.
> Some of these are admittedly small and might be able to be combined
> into house cleaning tasks, in which there is no shame. Banshee should
> be beautiful to look at, even the codebase.
> Now of course this means we will also need mentors, poking Olivier
> earlier on gtalk he expressed interest in mentoring this year but more
> helpful faces would be fantastic.
> - David
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