[Banshee-List] GSoC project idea(s)

Hi all, I'm a huge music lover as well as an Open Source enthusiast.
I want to start contributing to Open Source, and so far my biggest
issue has been finding the perfect media player for my needs, so I'd
really like to contribute to Banshee with some enhancements for large
music libraries.

I sent out an e-mail previously talking about my project idea.  I
originally had thought of improving the current duplicate finder by
using finger printing techniques.  The more I've read about the
subject, the more interested I've become.  In my research, I've come
across http://the.echonest.com/, which provides an incredible platform
and API for music apps.  They also provide an open-source
fingerprinting service http://echoprint.me/.  Although some of the
functionality that they provide is already implemented in Banshee
through other means, I feel like a lot of those could be improved by
using Echo Nest.  The two things I'm the most interested in are having
a better duplicate song finder, and a better smart playlist creator.
>From what I've gathered, the tools provided by Echo Nest can provide
these and more services with great accuracy.

I was wondering if there has been any thought of using The Echo Nest
within Banshee and/or if anybody thinks this could benefit Banshee.
This is something I'm really interested in and I'd love to make a
proposal for a project related to this.  Please let me know what some
of the possible mentors think so I can plan a good proposal.

I've looked at the other two GSoC ideas, and to be honest voice
recognition isn't something I'm very interested in (although
fingerprinting might play a role in that?) and I don't have much
experience with Mac or Windows.  However, I'd really like to work with

Let me know what you think.


Diego Fernandez - 爱国

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