Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee for RHEL6 and clones

Hey Nelson, I think this is an awesome idea and contribution!

El 12/11/11 15:54, Nelson Marques escribió:
Hi all,

I've started yesterday and hopefully will finish during this weekend a
special repository that provides Banshee for the following platforms:

  - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  - CentOS 6
  - Scientific Linux 6

The components used to build Banshee on this repository are:

  * Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6:
    - Mono is provided by Fedora 17 source packages;
    - icu and libgdiplus are rebuilt on this repository from RHEL6 SRPMS;
    - libunwind is provided by the Fedora 17 source rpm;

  * CentOS 6:
    - Mono is provided by Fedora 17 source packages;
    - libunwind is provided by Fedora 17 source package

  * Scientific Linux 6:
    - Mono is provided by Fedora 17 source packages
    - libunwind is provided by Fedora 17 source package

Once the repository is complete I could use testers for CentOS6 and
Scientific Linux6. I can test myself on RHEL since on my $dayjob I use
only RHEL and I've also purchased RHEL licenses for my home

I hope this will help banshee. The repository will provide the same
versions provided by Banshee:Unstable, which means we will be
providing the latest release and not the latest stable release. From
my personal experience, Banshee releases, even the ones with kinky
numbers (ex: 2.1.x) are mature enough to be served. If anyone doesn't
like this option and wants to provide only stable releases, feel free
to contact me and I'll provide you maintainership rights for a
Banshee:RHEL:Stable repository and you can source the Banshee:RHEL
repository to provide build dependencies and maintain there only the
stable releases.

For the time being this is the plan.

If Banshee things it's cool to provide links for the repositories
(once they are tested) on their webpage (even considering that we
probably won't have much customers for those platforms), I encourage
such decision. I encourage bug reports against this platforms to be
filed on BNC ( as I am triaging and starting to do
the Banshee stuff there.

If there's no interest on Banshee side to have this repositories
advertised to the public, no worries, I'll keep maintaining them for
personal purposes. As Tom Callaway from Fedora is sponsoring my
application to Fedora Packaging, I hope to provide a full Mono
Repository soon for RHEL/CentOS/ScientificLinux soon based on Fedora
17 (which I might be able to help maintain on Fedora as well) on
openSUSE Build Service, in fact I've email opensuse-project list
yesterday to explore this option (use OBS to provide a mono repository
for RHEL, since Red Hat has announced they will not do it).

Nelson Marques.

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