[Banshee-List] Newbie Q: Lyrics & iTunes Library

I just downloaded Banshee 2.0.0 and am running it in Fedora 14. I'm impressed with the ability to import playlists from Rhythmbox. Well done! But two things - I've been unable to locate the alleged Lyrics plug in. It's listed in the Banshee-Extensions page under downloads (but, um, nothing is downloadable from that page), but it's not under the preferences->extensions. I've seen references to third-party extensions and "OSD Lyrics" in the forum, but something that is "external" yet a plug-in seems like an oxymoron. Please straighten me out here. The big one, though, is trying to sync by 2nd gen iPod shuffle. I made the mistake of loading it using iTunes, but if I can, I'd like to manage it strictly through Banshee. My last attempts to load it using both Rhythmbox and Foola failed. I was able to load the shuffle, and it would play under Rhythmbox, but not on it's own. After that, iTunes would tell me that it's empty. I was able to reload it and have it play using iTunes, but that's inconvenient (it's on my wife's computer, not mine). Is there some way to force the iPod shuffle into a state where I can use Banshee to manage it properly? Perhaps removing one of the files in the iPod_Control directory? Any info is appreciated.

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