Re: [Banshee-List] GSoC 2011 Ideas from Tobias

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 4:05 AM, Tobias Arrskog
<tobias arrskog gmail com> wrote:
> Hi, my name is Tobias (topfs2) Arrskog and I have developed for XBMC
> Media Center for a few years now and have been using banshee for most
> of my music playback needs when using the desktop. Our community was
> sadly not choosen for GSoC 2011 and as such I started looking for
> other communities I might be able to do some work in when I noticed
> that mono proposed work on any application using their framework (and
> banshee as an example) and I thought, hey that would be fun way to get
> into a new community and to code for yet another app I use :)

> ''Session wide media library''

This is already being worked on by GNOME Tracker. It's more mature,
it's already part of GNOME (as an external dependency I think) etc.

> ''Split video to movies, series etc.''

Mentioned by Alexander below:

>Olivier is already working on this:

This is something that I would like to see done but with a better GUI.
I made some mockups some time ago but received very little feedback.


Currently the plan is to copy the look of the music library for the
video library. I think it can be done better.

> ''Integration with gnome3''

This needs to be done but it's not as sexy as fixing the GUI of
videos/movies/series ;)

> ''Make banshee able to share content''

There is already an application for that. Tangerine[1]. It uses DAAP
for sharing. It might need some maintenance work since Alex Launi
(lamalex) was the last one that worked on it over a year ago. Perhaps
it would make more sense to give a dbus interface to Tangerine (I
don't think it has one) so that it can be launched from Banshee. Alex
didn't want to make it a Banshee extension because he thought sharing
should be done by a dedicated app so you wouldn't have to run Banshee
for sharing to work.

Perhaps a better way would be to split Tangerine into a sharing daemon
and a GUI. That way Banshee could depend on the sharing daemon and
have a simple GUI for sharing while allowing people to install the
Tangerine GUI if they don't want to use Banshee for sharing.


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