Re: [Banshee-List] metrics

El 03/03/10 19:45, Gabriel Burt escribió:
> Hey all,
> So opt-in, anonymous usage-data collection went into Banshee 1.5.4, as
> most of you probably heard.  Since the release a week ago, over 500
> users have already opted in.

IMHO 500 users seems a very small number to start taking decisions.
Furthermore, as written in this message to mono-list[1], it seems the
opt-in preference is enabled by such a low number of people (2 out of 53
in ArchLinux). So I'm wondering if it would be interesting to ask this
question (apart from having it in the Preferences dialog) the first time
Banshee is run? If we do this, I believe the number of anonymous metric
senders will grow significatively.



> And I posted a few more closer-to-raw stats here:
> Gabriel

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