Re: [Banshee-List] making and maintaining a roadmap?

A roadmap was something that I definitely would have been interested in when
I was just updating from one stable Banshee release to the next.  Now that I
subscribe to all the bug reports and read commit logs, a list of future
features wouldn't be as exciting for me to read, but I'd be glad to help
maintain it so it's there for others.

Also, since my coding skills are progressing terribly slowly, no coding time
would be lost if I would help maintain a document like this. ;)  If
developers/people-who-know-what's-up feed me with specific information, I
can keep it organized in a user-accessible document. (Also, I think the
website would be the first place most people would look for this kind of
information, but I'll do whatever you think is best.)

Let me know; I'm happy to help out however I can.

gabaug wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> I recently blogged about the schedule for the upcoming releases
> ( and
> got some feeback suggesting we maintain a Roadmap to make it easier
> for others to have a sense of what's coming up.
> We've used roadmaps a few times in the past, which has worked out
> alright.  But it takes quite a bit of effort to maintain, it's often
> duplication of what's in bugzilla or on the list.  And it can give
> people an unreasonable expectation about when features might land,
> when the reality is it's very uncertain - based on developers'
> interest, time, etc.
> Anybody have thoughts?  Anybody feel like stepping up and maintaining
> such a document?  It could be in the form of a page on the website, or
> it could be in the form of a series of blog posts, similar to
> Bertrand's Pending Patches Periodicals, or perhaps something else.
> All the best,
> Gabriel
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