Re: [Banshee-List] Rock Box and iPod DAP extensions

I know this thread is almost a year old, but did this RockBox extension every
come to fruition?  I am very interested in syncing playcounts and such stats
from my Sansa e200 running RockBox with Banshee.

Has anyone had any luck with doing this sort of thing?


Charlie.M wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 5:54 PM, David Spreen <netzwurm debian org> wrote:
>> "Charles Mason" <charlie mas gmail com> writes:
>>> 2008/10/17 David Nielsen <gnomeuser gmail com>:
>>> My problem is the iPod extension effectively grabs the device before
>>> the new Rock Box one so it can't load the device. I was thinking of
>>> modifying the iPod extension to ask the user if they have Rock Box
>>> installed how they want to sync it. If they indicate they don't want
>>> to sync the iPod DB it simply rejects the device as if it had the Mass
>>> Storage .is_audio_player file. Then the Rock Box extension could pick
>>> it up. I was thinking of storing this response on the player so the
>>> user isn't asked every time.
>> The iPod extension doesn't touch the device if a .is_audio_player file
>> is present in the root directory. You need this becuase it helps people
>> configure album_art size (look at how the dap plugin does this, this was
>> explicitely designed for rockbox).
> I can the problem is rockbox doesn't install a .is_audio_player file
> it has to be created manually. I was hopping to let it detect a clean
> install of Rock Box. Since if we know its Rock Box much of the need
> the files fields goes away or at the least it can provide sensible
> defaults.
> The extension currently just uses 100x100 sized artwork however Rock
> Box now supports multiple sizes so the Rock Box theme can select the
> most appropriate artwork since RockBox can't resize it on the fly.
> Can't we get the DAP extension to detect if Rock Box is installed via
> the .rockbox folder. Then if it is give the user the option via a
> dialogue box and store the result in a field in a new .is_audio_player
> or something similar.
>> Please, rather add a field to the is_audio_player that has something
>> like is_rockbox or better even rockbox_version (in case we need to deal
>> with compatibility issues in the future). If that field is present, use
>> rockbox extension.
> Well the Rock Box DB file has its own version header, so it already
> reads that to check its compatibility. RockBox also has a file which
> contains the RockBox version and lots of info about the device,
> although it currently doesn't parse that.
>> Is your code public somewhere so people can have a look? In any case,
>> thanks for your work.
> Its not yet although after a bit of a clean up I shall post a patch
> for it. I am a little unsure of the correct procedure for integrating
> it in to the banshee build system. I have hacked the make system to
> build it like it does the other DAP extensions but I am unsure of how
> to make it optional during configure like the others DAP extensions.
> To be honest Make and Automake are a bit of a mystery to me I am more
> used to nant and msbuild. It would be helpful if someone how does
> understand them can point me in the right direction.
> The other problem I am currently having is syncing playlists. I can
> drag and drop them or get it to sync their tracks, but I would like to
> actually get the playlists themselves syncing as .m3u files to the
> device. I have tried to follow the iPod extension, but when it comes
> to sync it finds two playlist sources both null. I will have to
> investigate that further.
> I also need to clean it up a bit to meet the Banshee code style guide
> lines. As at the early stages it was more of a proof of concept.
> Thanks for the info.
> Charlie M
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