Re: [Banshee-List] Is Banshee my refuge from Amarok 2?

2009/3/31 michaelzap <me zoomzap com>:
> Do tracks have to disappear from my Play Queue after they've been played?
> Sometimes I want to go back a bit (perhaps I was out of the room and didn't
> hear it all), and just now I jumped forward several tracks to see what would
> happen and after that track finished ALL of the tracks before it disappeared
> from my play queue. So now I'd have to recreate this list if I wanted to
> hear those tracks. This seems unnecessary and frustrating to me. I'd at
> least like the option to just advance the queue but not remove played tracks
> from it.

Many of the other issues you mentioned have corresponding BGO bugs,
some even have patches. Feel free to add the remaining issues into

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