Re: [Banshee-List] Any news on "Could not fetch metadata for CD"

Klaus Zeitler wrote:
>>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Conkling <andrew conkling gmail com> writes:
>     Andrew> 
>     Andrew> Then again, am I the only one who gets annoyed by "Any update on
>     Andrew> this bug?"-type messages on Bugzilla?
> Now you got me confused. In other words: don't ask neither here nor there.
> And I guess it's probably considered even more inappropriate to ask the
> person that is assigned to a bug.

I think the point is just that if there was any news on the bug, in a
well-managed project like Banshee, you would see an update on the bug
itself (because you're CC'd on it or whatever).  But if you do want to
ping about it, bugzilla is the right place, not the mailing list. 
People interested in the bug will follow it, so no need to bug the whole


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