Re: [Banshee-List] Any news on "Could not fetch metadata for CD"

Andrew Conkling wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 5:11 PM, Sandy Armstrong
> <sanfordarmstrong gmail com <mailto:sanfordarmstrong gmail com>> wrote:
>     Klaus Zeitler wrote:
>     >>>>>> "Gabriel" == Gabriel Burt <gabriel burt gmail com
>     <mailto:gabriel burt gmail com>> writes:
>     > Gabriel> Gabriel> The proper place to discuss bugs, especially ones
>     > that have already Gabriel> been filed, is on the bug itself.
>     >
>     > It's been half a year now that I filed this bug report (I haven't
>     > been able to use banshee since I started with 10.3 in March) and I
>     > got the impression that nobody is working on this problem. Thus
>     I was
>     > hoping that I could find some help or a patch here cause I don't
>     > think that all the people reading the mailing list will also look at
>     > the bug list.
>     Yeah, but all of the people interested in this problem are
>     probably CC'd
>     on the bug.  ;-)  And anybody actively working on it would be putting
>     status there, and not on this list.  That's why it's better to
>     follow up
>     in bug comments, where devs and interested users are watching.
> Then again, am I the only one who gets annoyed by "Any update on this
> bug?"-type messages on Bugzilla?

Yeah, those are annoying.  But less annoying than a mail to the entire
list, imho.  And while they're usually just as pointless as a mail to
the entire list, they can be useful in those rare circumstances where a
bug is being accidentally overlooked.  Of course, thanks to you, Banshee
doesn't generally have this problem.  ;-)


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