Re: [Banshee-List] Rock Box and iPod DAP extensions

"Charles Mason" <charlie mas gmail com> writes:

> On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 5:32 PM, David Spreen
> <david spreen googlemail com> wrote:
> The problem with just writing the DB and not reading it would be how
> does Banshee know what's already on the device? The only way it can is
> by scanning the music folders which takes a very long time. 

This could be integrated in the mass-storage plug-in. If there is a
rockbox db, read it, otherwise don't.

> I am quite keen to have a Rock Box extension with the same
> functionality and out of the box simplicity as the iPod extension. I
> think I am very close to that with the current version of the Rock Box
> extension. If you want to integrate the tag cache support in to the
> highly configurable Mass Storage extension for users who want complete
> control over their device then by all means.

This makes little sense to me. The whole point of Rockbox is that it is
extremely configurable and adaptable to many different use-cases. There
is no standard size for cover art, for example and there are different
themes that require different images.

I have nothing against setting reasonable defaults but generally you
can't assume these settings as they differ from device to device and
from configuration to configuration.

> The other option is that configurability could be added to the new
> Rock Box extension and just let it assume sensible defaults so it
> works out of the box. Since it knows its a Rock Box player it can
> assume a lot more and perhaps provide Rock Box Specific functionality
> which would be hard to generalize to all Mass Storage players.

I just don't know why there needs to be a separate rock box extension
since the mass-storage extension supports everything except the database
handling. If we could extend mass-storage with your tag-cache code so it
doesn't get in the way of non-rockbox players we could save a lot of
work when implementing new features that affect both, ordinary
mass-storage and rockbox players. 

In any case, great job writing that code. What do other people think?
Could we get some input from the maintainers? How would you like to
integrate this into banshee?



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