[Banshee-List] HOWTO: Manually creating cover art

You'll have noticed that you can't yet drag cover art onto a track/album
on Banshee-1.  This feature will be back soon, but in the meantime if
your device is screaming for some visual love, then here's what you need
to do...

1.  Power up a browser and head to Amazon, selecting the Music option in
the dropdown
2.  Match your Banshee album title with the album in Amazon and select
(where available) the larger of the coverarts available
3.  Right-click on the image in the browser and select "Save Image

4.  The image is named as follows...
    {Artist Name}-{Album Name}

To correctly form this name however, you need to lowercase everything
and remove spaces and punctuation marks.   Examples...

    A.  Artist "Barenaked Ladies", Album "Disc One: All Their Greatest
Hits: 1991-2001" would have a cover art file name of "

    B.  Artist "Fun Lovin' Criminals", Album "Come Find Yourself" would
become "funlovincriminals-comefindyourself.jpg"

5.  Copy these files (or save them directly) to ~/.cache/album-art 
6.  Banshee will pick up the image art next time around.


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