[Banshee-List] UI anomalies, defects or by-design?

Loving Banshee-1, it's been a long time since I used it - kudos to the

I have some observations I wanted to raise to see if they're defects,
feature omissions, or by design.  Happy to log where appropriate...

1. In the 'Albums (or podcasts)' panel, I can't drag an Album/Podcast to
a device with the intent of moving a group of related media to the
device at once.

2. Similarly, it would be useful to provide a "Write to CD" option by
right-clicking on an Album/Podcast set from that same panel.

3. The iPod device doesn't present a 'Sync' option, media must be
dropped from the main list view panel to sync the content

4.  Renaming a track (that got disconnected from its album) does not
move the track to the collective folder.  Should this be presented as an
option and such a change is made?

5.  Is there a reason why my 80GB Video iPod shows as a white icon
moniker rather than black?

6.  If I click in the treeview panel on 'Now Playing, Play Queue, Music
Library" etc, they receive the highlighted focus.  If I click on the
IPOD icon, the same isn't true.  This is inconsistent.


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